Somatic Studios Photography

Somatic Studios Photography
I’ve been doing photography for years now but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2014 where I began my interest in automotive photography. My knowledge in makes and models of vehicles is very limited but I’m slowly, but surely, adding to my vehicle knowledge.

If you are interested in prints or photo sessions, feel free to message me. Prints start at $20 for 8×12 on luster photo paper. Other print materials and sizes are also available, just ask.

Photo sessions start at $60 per hour + 20cents per mile from city to city round trip based on Google maps. You get all low resolution edits suitable for web posting and out of those edits, you chose three for 8×12 photo prints. You will be able to order other prints a la carte if you like. During the 2 weeks after receiving the low resolution edits, prints will be available at a discounted rate. After that 2 week period, prints go to regular pricing.

The 20cents/mile is due ahead of time and is used for gas and as a booking fee as well. It will also be rounded up to the closest dollar. This can be split /shared if you get friends/family to book sessions in the same city and day as you with me as well. So say the gas fee is $20 dollars and you get someone else near you to book a session the same day, then you just pay $10 and so will they, The more you can get together, the less you would have to pay for that expense. Just be sure to collect everyone’s portion and have it sent to me days before the session. A week ahead is preferred. This is a non refundable/transferable fee so if you or anyone isn’t able to make it to the session, unfortunately that person(s) cannot get their money back for the gas/booking fee. As for the photo session fee, that will be due on arrival of the location of the session.

If you are a business or organization and want to use a photo(s) to promote your business/organization through print and/or official website, I have a set up licensing agreements and fees. Please contact me for further information.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you!