Soli-Bond of Bakersfield

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Soli-Bond, Inc. is a leader in the field of solidification and chemical stabilization technologies applied to contaminated soils, industrial sludges, and oil and gas exploration and production wastes containing soluble metals, dissolved solids or salts, hydrocarbons or a combination of these constituents.  The philosophy used by Soli-Bond incorporates an “integrated waste management” concept that focuses not only on waste treatment, but also process designs and systems to reduce waste generation and to allow beneficial reuse of waste materials.


Soli-Bond, Inc. can also assist clients in working with regulatory agencies to ensure that all processes are  conducted in compliance with local, state as well as  federal regulations.  Our company provides on-site sample collection and treatability studies to determine the best treatment options.  Post-treatment and analytical testing and comprehensive closure reports are provided for every project.