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Rosa Brothers Milk Company is a family owned creamery. Brothers Rolland and Noel have been producing milk locally their entire lives. In late 2010, they decided to start making dairy products from their fresh, local milk.  Rosa Brothers Milk Company also offers tours of their farm, located between Hanford and Visalia, California. The tours are fun and educational. Visitors get to pet calves, milk a simulated cow and learn about their family’s history, as well as, modern production practices.

The creamery is located in Tulare, California. This location also offers an educational opportunity to see the milk bottling and ice cream making process. The retail store at the creamery provides the opportunity to purchase the absolute freshest milk and ice cream in the Valley.

Available in the Bakersfield area at these fine retailers: 

Save Mart, Vons, Brookside Market & Deli, Coseree’s Deli and Lassens. 

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Milk:   The Rosa Brothers guarantee to produce “udderly” the best milk for your family. Indulge in the delectable taste of our unique ice-cold milk, coming straight from our local dairy farm – where family comes first and the cows are treated like royalty.
Flavored Milk, Not only a great way to encourage children to drink the milk they need for essential vitamins and minerals, but they’re a tasty treat for adults on the go, too
We’re a Family Farm. Rosa Brothers Milk Company is a family-owned dairy, and our farm produces the freshest, most wholesome, natural milk available. Our family was raised in Hanford, California, and we’ve continued to stay local, true to our Hanford roots. Visit us today — you’ll be surprised at how delightfully different our milk tastes.
Operated by brothers Rolland and Noel, Rosa Brothers Milk Company is a family-owned and operated dairy farm in the heart of Central California. We live on the farm and work the same land our family began working some seven decades and three generations ago. In 2012, our family began processing our farm’s milk in a small creamery we built in Tulare, California. The creamery was built with a few goals in mind: To provide California families with the best-tasting dairy products found anywhere in the world. To provide safe, pure dairy products that have not been overly processed or modified. To keep milk quickly flowing to local stores for maximum freshness. To provide a truly local product that comes through a transparent channel, allowing families to watch the milk all the way from the cow to the bottle or ice cream carton.
We are a family-owned, family-operated dairy farm working the same land our family’s been working for the past seven decades – right here in the heart of Central California.
You can tour the dairy where the milk is produced. You can watch the milk going into the bottle at the creamery. You know exactly where every bottle comes from. Our milk is never “pooled” with other farms, requiring additional processing to make the milk uniform. Rest assured we do not use rBST (bovine growth hormone) to treat our cows. Our attention to detail on the farm and at the creamery results in a better-tasting, longer-lasting milk in your refrigerator. And we’re committed to producing only the highest quality products. That means only the best ingredients go into our products — like real cane sugar!