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The Television Motion Picture Car Club (TMPCC) is the world’s only car club for those who work in or have worked in the television, motion picture, music, radio, sports and motorsports industries.


TMPCC consists of people who work in front of the camera and behind the scenes. From producers and directors, to actors, television and radio personalities, vehicle designers, picture car builders, stunt, precision and professional race car drivers, even studio presidents, this is a club like no other. TMPCC is so unique, we have become one of the most publicized car clubs in the world, featured in newspapers and magazines, and on radio and television programs worldwide.


We host several Private Members Only events each year, but we also participate in public events that benefit various charities. Our Private Members Only events allow our more recognized members to attend a function without being harassed by gawkers, stalkers or the paparazzi.


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The Television Motion Picture Car Club

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