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Performance Matters!

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Stoner Car Care produces high-performance car washes, waxes, polishes, and dressings for auto enthusiasts and car care professionals. The Stoner Car Care line-up includes Invisible Glass, America’s #1 Automotive Glass Cleaner, along with many other appearance products. Whether driving, washing or waxing, Performance Matters!
We’ve been manufacturing from our hometown in the U.S.A. since 1942. Commitment to community and those we serve is a part of our business philosophy and a part of our culture.
In Lancaster County, Pa. business are held to a different standard. Maybe it’s the influence of our Amish neighbors, or just good people asking us to do what’s right. Either way “good business” is in our roots. As the manufacturer of internationally distributed home and automotive products, we value each customer as much as we value our families and neighbors. We’ll always deliver this difference to you and you’ll find this commitment in everything we do.

Stoner Car Car

Since 1942, Performance Matters!




PO Box 65
Quarryville, PA 17556

Stoner is the family name behind many hard-working products trusted by professional detailers, car wash owners, and automotive enthusiasts, as well as industrial manufacturers. The Stoner heritage of innovation and integrity began with founder, Paul Stoner. Since his founding, Stoner has proudly formulated and manufactured all of their own products.

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