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Our Story

Meguiar’s, at its core, is about passion. Passion for creating the best possible product to perfect a car’s finish and passion for building a community of car enthusiasts, and genuinely connecting with them.
Furniture polish salesman Frank Meguiar Jr. began making his own polish to perfect the lacquer finishes of fine furniture in the family garage in 1901. The same lacquer finishes were to be found on the new transportation vehicles
being introduced at the time, which we now know as the automobile. With an eggbeater and a drive to create the very best polish and the family worked days and nights together producing one bottle at a time. This was the beginning of the Mirror Bright Polish Company, and what was to later become Meguiar’s.
His three songs Maurice, Malcolm, and Kenneth, drove the business forward with the same hard work, desire for excellence, and vision as their dad. As car culture grew and evolved Meguiar’s was in the midst of it as a professional brand for car makers, dealers, body shops, and professional detailers. Each with their own talents focused on their individual roles within the company; Maurice was the sales manager, Malcolm formulated and created products, and Kenneth was in charge of production.
Malcom’s son Barry Meguiar began working part-time in accounting during high school, and eventually working in sales and relations with GM, Ford, and Chrysler upon graduation from college. Barry saw the need in the consumer marketplace and helped lead Meguiar’s to a new audience specifically reaching out to car enthusiasts with the launch of Liquid Cleaner Wax in 1973. With little to no sales funding he went to retailers and car shows advocating Meguiar’s and educating customers one at a time, much like his granddad had done decades prior. Barry then forged ahead again with a series called Car Crazy which first aired on radio and then moved to television. Car Crazy has always been a way to unite people, grow community and car culture, and share stories of why people in the industry are so passionate about what they do.
Meguiar’s continues upon this foundation, to work hard to craft the very best possible product while educating and connecting with others in the car community, ultimately growing car culture. Following the lead of those who came before us while having a healthy respect for our tradition and heritage, we reflect upon the past, embrace it, and look forward with excitement to the open road ahead.
This is who we are, where we come from, and what fuels our passion at Meguiar’s.
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