Happy jack’s pie n’ burger

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Pie n’ Burgers!

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Hambugers that are out of this world in taste, texture and quality!

We have pies for every reason, excuse and taste!

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Hours of Operation – Monday-Saturday
Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
6:00 AM – 8:00 PM

 Happy Jack’s Pie n’ Burger

Serving the best tasting pies and burgers in Bakersfield by far!

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1800 20th Street
Bakersfield, CA



This place is as old school as it gets! One long counter and that’s it and cash only by the way. This place hasn’t changed a bit in my 40 plus years here. Might have had to replace a couple of the stools because of fat butts like me and the prices have gone up but that’s where it ends. Same old, fresh made, delicious burgers and pie fresh baked to die for. I moved away for 10 years then recently moved back. I’m right at home. One block west of the Fox theatre. This is a must try for those who haven’t, for those that have? nuff said. Go and enjoy

Old Fashioned Lunch Counter
This is a cute little lunch counter. The food is good and the service is quick and personal. I had a great egg salad sandwich and my daughter had a burger. They were both yummy! Be prepared, they only take cash and there is not much parking.

Homey, old school, good pie
Restaurants reflect the social currents of their time. I find many new restaurants to be indistinguishable, staffed by harried and dehumanized waitstaff. It was a pleasure to eat at a restaurant that could have been plucked from the mid-1960s. Our server was one of the owners, and took time to chat with us about her family and the trip we were on. The tamale I had (the best I’ve had in years) is made by a relative. The pie was delicious, with a cracker-crisp crust. The meal felt relaxed and hospitable. The salad was exclusively iceberg lettuce, the food plating was pedestrian, but that’s not why you’re here. It was a very pleasant experience, and next time I’m in Bakersfield, I’ll be there again.

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