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Fall Car Care Month: Winterize Your Ride

It’s that time of year again apple cider, pumpkins, and falling leaves. October has arrived! Along with the fun fall activities comes one looming shadow winter’s bitter return. Whether you enjoy the chilly temperatures or not, we can all agree as fall turns to winter road conditions can become less than enjoyable. Luckily, October is Fall Car Care Month, making it the perfect time for shops to talk with their customers about preparing their vehicles for winter weather.

Many customers might not be aware of the need to winterize their cars. The Car Care Council provides a six-point winter maintenance check, focusing on six factors which could impact driving in the winter:

  • Battery
  • Antifreeze
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Oil
  • Lights & Wipers

Making sure your customers know about the importance of winterizing their vehicles is a worthwhile initiative to take on during Fall Car Care Month. These small tips could make or break the chances of being stranded in the cold.

The goal of the Car Care Aware campaign is to educate and build awareness, making the roads a safer place for everyone. Not only will customers appreciate and benefit from this information, they may continue to visit your shop as they prepare their vehicles for the snow and sleet.

The Car Care Council offers free tools, tips, and information making it easy for any shop to take advantage of Fall Car Care Month. We encourage you to use these available resources to make customers aware of vehicle maintenance importance, especially before the winter months. Check out for all opportunities and resources.

Car Care Month happens twice a year in April and October. Check out April’s tips on a Car Care Aware and take time to share your car care knowledge this month. We can all be part of the solution to keep drivers safe and warm this winter!

Madi Williams


Automotive and Industrial Paint

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