Bette’s Calendar of Events

A List of 2019 Events

National, state and local events.

Event Calendar Policy: The BCCC, Inc. (BCCC) will be listing national, state and local events that related to our affiliate clubs interest, affiliate events, patrons and sponsors of our annual super cruise/car show. (To be listed as a club event you club logo needs to be on flyer, event has to be scheduled with location and times indicated on flyer.  We also require each club to send annually an update of club information with President & Officers, number of club members, any club mission updates and other relevant information-we do not share this with anyone!).  For more information on upcoming events or to download the BCCC, Inc. newsletter or event flyers, check out other pages of this website.  We discourage events being scheduled on the same weekend as other events.  Affiliate club events with most annual events will take precedence!

Sponsorship – Supporter

To become a supporter/sanctioned by BCCC, at least one of the following thresholds must be met.  Please note we only bold events on the calendar and post flyers on our web site that is from BCCC member clubs and Sponsors.  Sponsors are designated as $300 and larger and supporters are less than $300.  (All sponsors subject to approval of BCCC, Inc.).

Current Calendar

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