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The story of the Bakersfield Car Club Council

The BCCC was formed back in August of 1988 by two local car enthusiasts, Ken Kisor and Chris Addington

Our Story

The Bakersfield Car Club Council (BCCC) was formed back in August of 1988 by two local car enthusiasts, Ken Kisor and Chris Addington. Both were members of local car clubs for years and saw the need to have an organization where local car clubs could meet once a month and share their events as well as share experiences of a recent car club outing. Ken belonged to Vintage Ltd. Street Rods, the Model A Ford Club, the Thunderbird Club, and Kernville Street Rods. Chris had also belonged to Vintage Ltd. plus several local VW clubs including V-Dubs Ltd. and Cal Volks.

The BCCC held these monthly meetings at Ken and Pat Kisor’s home in central Bakersfield. The BCCC started out with around ten local clubs but word got out and the BCCC grew to 35 clubs as any club in the Golden Empire was welcome to be a part of the BCCC. With the growth of the BCCC and interest in doing something annual for the community, it was decided to do a charity of some sort. The BCCC’s first charity was the annual U.S. Marines Toys for Tots campaign. After several years of doing this event and Ken and Chris had stayed on as Co-Spokespersons of the BCCC, it was decided that it was time for a change. Lynn Hubbard and Fred Evenson came on board as the new Spokespersons and the BCCC was approached by the Society for Disabled Children of Kern County and it was decided that this would become the main charity for the BCCC. The BCCC Super Cruise was born in 1996.

There was and still is no cost to belong to the BCCC.  Clubs select a person to become their club’s Rep. and this person attends the monthly BCCC meetings. An election is held at the end of each year for one or both of the BCCC Spokespersons.  The BCCC Spokespersons are responsible for running the monthly meetings as well as coordinating and organizing the annual Super Cruise event. They are also the contact people for the BCCC and frequently get contacted for various local functions that need cars or want to put on a fundraising event and need help. BCCC Spokesperson through the years: Ken Kisor, Chris Addington, Lynn Hubbard, Fred Evenson, Roy Romagno, Phyllis Culp, the late Rudy Gallups, Gil Edmondson, Debbie Launer, Bette Addington, Richard Lopez, Danny Rodriguez, and Larry Thomas. Current BCCC Spokespersons are Bette Addington and “Lugnut” Larry Thomas.

BCCC currently meets at the Society of Disabled of Kern County Building at 1819 Brundage Lane, Bakersfield CA. We meet on the second Monday of each month and vote to go dark in July and August or not. Meeting time is 630pm and most meetings seldom go to 8:00 pm. BCCC has approached 80+ Affiliate Clubs and growing as more clubs see and understand what we do for our hobby.

Mission & Vision

The Bakersfield Car Club Council, Inc., is a nonprofit organization with affiliate car and truck clubs and groups in Central California. The primary functions of the Council are to do the following:

  • Provide a forum for the interaction, coordination and preservation of the automotive culture in our sphere of influence.
  • Serve as a proactive two-way conduit of information regarding the health and vitality of the automotive culture and present a strong, unified voice in support of those interests.
  • Promote the sport and hobby of owning, restoring, altering, building, and modifying cars and trucks.
  • Encourage family participation in such sport and hobby; to promote friendship, help fellow affiliate clubs and organizations by attending their functions, supporting our communities and charities.
  • Educate the public concerning the history, legend, repair, restoring, building and modifying cars and trucks.
  • Coordinating the scheduling of car/truck shows, cruising runs, club events, and cruise-ins.
  • Provide for a secession plan for the transition of present generation car enthusiast to future generations of car enthusiast.
  • Assist groups to become clubs and assist clubs that want to grow or improve themselves.

The vision for the BCCC is to be a robust council of clubs for Central California. Our sphere of influence would encompass the area between Nevada State border on the east; the Pacific Ocean on the west; mid central valley on the north; and San Fernando Valley on the south.

  • BCCC will invite clubs of all makes, models, types, and venues of cars, trucks and specialty vehicles.
  • BCCC will have a succession plan for the future growth, development, and continuation of the Car Club Council.

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